HEIC Image Viewer - Support Converter Quickstart

How to view or convert HEIC and other format images?

1. Open HEIC images or other format file

Drag and drop heic image file to the viewing page, or just click the "Open Heic" button.

2. Operate the viewer

1) Zoom in or out the image just by scrolling the mouse or click the zoom in and out button on the bottom.

2) Delete the viewing file just by clicking the delete icon.

3. Slide show

Right-click or click the "..." (More) button, then select the "slide show" menu.

4. Photo Gallery

Just click the "Photo Gallery" button to change the viewing mode.

5. Batch convert HEIC images

Just click the "Batch-convert Entry" button to switch to the batch convert dialog.

6. Save As

Just right-click the image on the viwing page and select "Save As" menu, then input the extension which you want to save.

How to batch convert HEIC to other normal formats?

1. Select HEIC files

Just click the "Open Heic files" or "Open folder" button to load the HEIC files.

2. Choose the format to save

Just click the "Select Saving format" to choose the format, such as JPEG.

3. Choose the output folder or path

Just click the "Select output folder" to select the path where you want to save the converted image. The default path is the same with the original file.

Print HEIC files

Just right-click the opened image and select "HEIC Print" menu or click "..." button and choose "HEIC Print" menu.